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Devised Work

Interested in devised work? Check out some of my previous credit below! Let's create!


Co-Producer, Marketing, Actor

Blood-lesque is a theatrical, devised Burlesque show hosted by a Halloween Icon featuring numbers with comedy, theatrical surprises, drag, and a whole lot of blood and burlesque. It will make you laugh, gasp, and shake you from your core to pelvic floor.

Marketing this show became a success on multiple levels. Print marketing was successful and lead the show to be showcased in GRAB magazine. My ads reached thousands of people online and the dedicated work to adding the show to multiple websites made it easy to find when people searched for "Halloween in Chicago" on Google. We even had guests who had flown from Europe who found and attended our show. 


We had almost a complete sold out run with 92% of tickets sold.  


Photo By: Sara Shifflet


Boxed Experience

This was a three month rehearsal process creating a script and scenes that would end up taking the audience through an interactive theatrical experience. The audience members would follow the story of the main character Kwame; walking scene to scene and collecting clues and at the end be the jury and decide whether he is innocent or guilty. I helped to originate the role Leah who played as Kwame's attorney. 


This was an experiment to see if I could potentially create and direct a show. With the help of my actors we created the half hour show of Imaginary which was based off the premise of “what happens when you abandon your imaginary friend?”

While working on my original theatrical piece "Imaginary" I can look back and say that I would not have been able to pull it off on my own. My actors took the project seriously. When asked to improv a scene they would and it would produce material that would later be used in the final script. If something didn’t make sense we would work together to make sure we had a cohesive story. Without my team, my show Imaginary would have stayed a small fraction of an idea in my subconscious. They proved that my life experiences might be relatable to many; but a groups experiences is relatable by all.

lrg_dsc01392 (1).jpeg

Lion King Droznin Final

My class at NIU had the privileged to study abroad at MXAT in Moscow, Russia for an entire semester. My class is very engaged with movement so when we heard that we were to re-create the Lion King using what we had learned in Droznin everyone jumped into high gear.


With the video you can see short clips of my participation with the piece (wearing the dark green shirt). I sang in I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, was a goofy hyena in Be Prepared, and played Simba in (and choreographed) Stampede. 

Women In To Light

Directed by Dr. Kay Martinovich

This all-female cast worked together to devise a piece of theater which encompassed the journey of a journalist who was has been beaten and thrown into prison. While she is clinging to her own life she is visited by several women who have left their mark on history.

As a cast we researched women throughout history and tried to focus on the ones that haven't received as much recognition. We also created the text of the script from primary sources including writings that date back to the 10th century. Together we created a script with stories that ranged from the holocaust, sex-trafficking, to even beautiful poetry. Complimented with very physical movements.

The amazing women that I studied and presented in this show included Christine De Pizan; a medieval writer who advocated for women's equality and Susana Trimarco; a human rights sex-trafficking activist.

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